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Why Do You Need A Dallas Painter?

  • Our Paint Is Faded, Flaking, Cracking, Etc. Help!
  • I Need Interior Or Exterior Commercial Painting
  • I Need An Exterior Or Interior Painter For The House
  • I Need Fencing, Decks, Railings, Etc. Painted
  • I Want A Garage Floor Epoxy Application
  • We Need Painting For Touch Ups, Small Projects, Etc.

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Talk To The Owners Of JDH Painting

Who will you talk to when you call? Alejandra!

José De Hoyos is the "JDH" in JDH Dallas Painters. His daughter and chief dispatcher is Alejandra

She'll answer your questions and set up the time that José will come for a quote.

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What makes us expert Dallas painters & craftsmen? We Have:

1st: Immense Experience.

We have painted hundreds of projects for over 900 customers.

2nd: Successful Painters For 20+ Years

We have previously seen and painted buildings & houses just like yours!

3rd: 5-Star Ratings! ★★★★★

How can you know if we work well for our customers? Read our reviews!

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How You Benefit From Your Dallas Painter:

1. Free Estimates So You Know What To Expect From The Beginning.

2. Quality Work & Fair Pricing. No Surprises & You'll Love The High Quality!

3. You Can Read Customers' Reviews & See Before and After Pics Of Projects

4. We Schedule Fast, So You Won't Wait Forever To Get Your Project Done.

5. You'll Get Fantastic Beautiful Results You Can Be Proud Of!

6. Clear Expectations Set At The Beginning Of The Job

Want Proof? Here You Go.

Read About These Recent Jobs We've Done

You need to know what kind of painter you will get working on your home or business. We understand that. One way we can help is to show you work we've done before.

To help you get a idea of the quality of our work, we have our painters take pictures and even videos of some Dallas painting we are called upon to do.

You get three benefits from this:

  1. You can read about the problem, and see what we did to give fantastic results.
  2. You can read the customer's response (when they give it, like you will, right?)
  3. If you have questions, we can answer them & train our painters.

Please take a minute to look over these painting jobs and ask us any questions you may have concerning JDH Dallas Painters.

Here Are Three Recent Paint Jobs We've Done

Commercial Interior Painting Dallas

Brief Explanation:

We installed the sheetrock, painted the walls, glazed the cabinets and painted the ducts and more on this commercial apartment clubhouse property in Dallas TX

Drywall Repair in Dallas

Brief Explanation:

Sometimes your repair a crack. Sometimes the house floods and you need to repair the bottom two feet! See what we did repairing the drywall in this Dallas home

Experience A Better Paint Job On Your Home

We Also Paint Businesses & Do Minor Repairs

More Proof: Customer Reviews

Don't Just Take Our Word For It,
These Guys Love Our Work!

Claudia Sanchez

Dallas, TX

Date: Aug 24, 2017
Very good work. Reliable. And very trustworthy. 10/10 would recommend.

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How Much Does A Painter in Dallas Cost?

We work within your budget, so that really is up to you. If we can't do a project for the price you want, we'll let you know, but most of our customers are pleasantly surprised that we can work within their budget constraints.

And that doesn't mean we'll cut corners.

Sure, we may use a medium-quality paint that last for 5 years instead of a high-quality one that lasts for 15, or we will schedule more efficiently, but one way or another you will get the painting project you have done on-time, within the budget set and at the high-quality you need.

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JDH Is The Best Dallas Painter Choice. Here's Why.

When you are choosing to do a painting project you need to consider speed, cost and quality and balance what you need.

1. You need an experienced painter to get your project done right.
2. You need a painter that is responsive, local and works well with you and your home.

That's us.

We will answer all your painting questions and let you know everything you need to know to make a great decision.

Finally, your project will look fantastic for years to come, for a great price and painted by great Dallas painters.

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JDH Dallas Painting

Dallas, TX


We do a lot of other things in conjunction with painting, like drywall repair and pressure washing.

Read our FAQ section (below) for more information about what we can do to help you out.


1. Will I Be Able To Communicate With Your Painters?


Yes! José will be on-site to answer your questions so you can stay on top of your particular project, but our crew speaks English, too. You can ask them questions, too.

2. I Have Paint, Can JDH Painters Use It?



There is a requirement: it has to be less than 1 month old, never stored in the garage, shed or outside—it can destroy paint—and specifically for this job; for instance, I can't take your paint and make a color with it.

Unfortunately, if it is older paint, the colors might not be proper or matching anymore (paint fades in the sun and over time), there could also be debris in the paint or it could be drying out.

None of these conditions make for an ideal paint job.

3. What Other Services Do You Offer?


We do a variety of services related to painting. Here is a short list, by no way exhaustive:

Service Type Service Type
Ceiling Painting Pressure Washing
Deck Staining Texture Painting
Door Painting Color Consulting
Drywall Repair Decorative Painting
Exterior Painting Drywall Installation
Interior Painting Drywall Texturing
Popcorn Ceiling Removal

4. What Type Of Paint Does JDH Use?


Usually we use Sherwinn-Williams brand paints. However, it depends on the project.

We always go over the various options with you during our estimate, we'll discuss budget concerns, quality issues and what paints might be best for each application (for instance an interior eggshell paint versus an exterior semi-gloss for brick painting).

At the end of the day, we've painted with nearly every type of paint, almost all the local and national brands of paints and we've painted Dallas in many different colors, too.

5. How Long Have You Been Painting?


We've been painting since we were children along with our father. However, as a company, we've been organized since 1998.

If you look at our "Team" section under the "About Us" page, you can see some of our top painters and their individual experience levels.

All together, our leadership has over 50 years of painting experience.

6. When Can You Give Me A Quote?


The first step is calling us. After that, we will schedule a convenient time for you to estimate your custom project in person. That is normally within 72 hours of your call.

Of course, if you like us to come give you a painting bid at another time, we will work with you.