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Where'd We Get All Our Experience?

  1. We've Been Contractors Forever.
  2. Well, 20+ years, at least. We've done all sorts of things like drywall, pressure washing and, of course, painting!
  3. We Have Over 900 Customers On The Books
  4. We've done framing and concrete for them, too, but painting is the bread and butter of our business.
  5. We Are Family-Owned, Not A Franchise or Corporation.
  6. That means we take care of you better, with a personal feel. We are now on our second generation of painters!
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900 Customers? Yes, It's True.

That's A Lot Of Painting.

We've been painting for over 20 years as a company (we have over 50 years of experience between our lead painters) and we've been serving the Dallas community for all those years.

Although we've gotten a lot of jobs through word-of-mouth advertising, we want to make sure our community has access to great painting that we offer. During this time-frame we've painted many small jobs. (Below)


And many large jobs. (Pictured at left)

Is your painting project next? Just call us and schedule a free estimate to find out!

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Claudia Sanchez

Dallas, TX

Date: Aug 24, 2017
Very good work. Reliable. And very trustworthy. 10/10 would recommend.

Meet Some Of Our Team!

We Work Hard To Give You A Good Painting Experience.

Jose De Hoyos


Brief Bio:

The owner of JDH started this small family company in 2007. He started JDH to provide a better life for his family and a much better experience for his customers. Although JDH was started in 2007, José has over 25 years of real, boots-on-the-ground experience in new construction and remodeling. Since all of these projects required paint as a finish, this experience includes painting.

Jose Javier De Hoyos


Brief Bio:

Jose is the point-man for JDH. He's been working with Jose Sr. for a decade, with five years of practical experience on the job. He is the primary marketer of JDH, as well as a great painter.

Marcos Gonzales


Brief Bio:

Marcos has been working with JDH from the start and he has over 10 years of experience in remodeling. He is an expert in both residential and commercial property rehabilitation. Although he does it all, his primary focus is in framing and sheet rock. If you need a sheetrock repair, Marcos is the man to do it!

JDH Dallas Painters. A History.

We've Come A Long Way.

Way back in 1998 José De Hoyos started this business. He started with a general focus on everything to do with home repairs, from drywall, to windows and even framing new houses. The whole time he wanted to focus on one thing: painting.

In 2000, he enlisted the help of one of his sons, Juan, and they started painting houses all over Dallas. A few years later another son joined him and JDH was starting to become something real.

His last son joined him a few years ago and together they paint houses and businesses all over the Dallas market. We realized we needed to concentrate on painting since that became the majority of our business and is very visible to people.

We used to go out after storms and knock neighborhoods, seeing who needed repairs or painting after the ahil beat off the siding paint or leaked through the roof. We worked alongside roofing contractors and repaired what they couldn't and got a lot of work.

Now we are ready to take the next step and really grow this business as it ought to be. You can help! Call us for an estimate on your painting project and we will show you the quality and attention to detail beyond what you require for your project.

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