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Job Details

Location of Job: Dallas, TX
When: Jul 4, 2017
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Fire-Retardant Painting, Commercial Painting, Brick
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Drywall Repair in Dallas
Brief Explanation

We love doing large commercial painting jobs for three reasons: 1) the scale and sense of accomplishment is grand, 2) It's fun to see them and point them out to your friends, and 3) They typically pay better than residential painting jobs.

We were contracted to install the interior and exterior wall board for this apartment complex's new club house. That is a big job in and of itself and I may write another post on it. In the meantime, just look at how good this place looked when we were complete!

Commercial Painting

We also glazed and stained the cabinetry that this place was going to need. Here is one shot partway through the process:

jdh commercial interior painting during

After glazing all the cabinets, we also needed to make sure the ductwork and ceiling were painted over. Commercial spaces require different types of paint and this was no exception. It needed to be a fire-retardant paint that would last for decades.

The walls were covered with a slight off-white in preparation for the brick overlayment on some of the columns and fa├žades.

In the end, we though this commercial painting job in Dallas came out looking fantastic.

After Photos

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jdh commercial interior painting after 2
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jdh commercial interior painting after 4
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