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Call Us: (214) 972-0838

Calling JDH Dallas Painters is the best way to contact us by far.

We'll answer the phone and answer any questions you may have and make sure we set up a time for you to meet us and get a free estimate on painting!

Text Us: (214) 972-0838

If you prefer, though, you can also send us a text message about your painting project.

You can even send pictures, though make sure you don't send any emoji and keep the message pretty sort as it is SMS.

We might text you back on a different number, so be prepared for that!

Email Us

Please email us if you want to send a lot of pictures or need your initial request in writing.

We will probably call you back on the phone (a phone number is required) unless it is in the middle of the night, to answer any questions you might have right away.

Write Us A Letter

You can also send us a letter! We love getting mail that tells us we did a great job, so feel free to do so!

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